What types of spring mattresses are there?

The spring mattress is the classic under the mattresses: between layers of fleece or felt there are coil springs made of steel. The layers prevent the sleeper from feeling the feathers. A plate of foam forms a soft layer as a conclusion and ensures that the human can lie on it softly. The cover finally holds springs, fleece, felt and foam together.

There are basically three different types of spring mattresses:

Pocket spring mattress test

In the pocket spring mattress, cylindrical steel springs are sewn individually in cloth or non-woven pockets. Since each spring can move independently of the other, the pocket spring mattress responds with point elasticity. So-called number of turns is decisive for the quality of the pocket spring mattress: The springs are laid in turns, each turn is called a gear. If a spring has more turns, it reacts much more flexible because the increase in wire turns is flatter. If the springs are small and have many aisles, the mattress is of higher quality.

Tonneau pocket spring mattress test

The springs used in the tonneau pocket spring mattress are arched in the middle and look like a barrel from the side. These springs react point-elastic to load and are extremely stable. That is why tonneau pocket spring mattresses are particularly suitable for heavy people. The greater the pressure applied to the springs, the higher their resistance becomes. Often, the springs are much lower than the mattress; after all, these are still padded. While a normal tonneau pocket spring mattress works with a spring layer, in mattresses for box spring beds, two layers are often processed one above the other.

Bonell spring mattress test

In the Bonell, spring mattress stuck together Bonell that reminds a bit of hourglass and is thinner in the middle than below or above. Between the feathers, the air can circulate well and transport the existing moisture content. The more springs in the Bonell spring mattress, the higher the quality. In a good mattress with the dimensions 90 x 200 centimeters, all from a more than two millimeters thick wire. Since the Bonell spring mattresses act area elastic, they rebound with each movement.

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